Lars Ramstedt

Born 1953 Stockholm. Lives in Rönninge.

Also exhibited at Galerie Bel'Art: 1990, 1992 and 1994.


Artistic background:
1980-1981 "Grundskolan för konstnärlig utbildning", Stockholm
1982-1983 Creation of form and composition with Professor Lennart Rodhe
1983-1985 Studied painting, sculpture and architecture in France, Denmark and Germany

1985 "Interaction of colours", summercourse Gerlesborg, Sweden
1986 "Interaction of colours and composition" at TBV, Stockholm

1985 "Young constructivists", Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
1986 "Young constructivists from the North", Munich, Germany
1988 "Past, present, future" , paintings and gouaches, Galleri Grip, Stockholm
1989 Stockholm Art Fair, with Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm
1996 "Paintings on paper", Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm
1998 "Art Concret, Konstruktivism, Plangeometri", Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm2008 Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentunamässan, with Galerie Bel'Art

1987 "Paintings and drawings", Galleri Modern Art, Stockholm
1989 "Paintings and gouaches", Östermalmskällaren, Stockholm
1990 "Paintings and gouaches", Galerie Bel'Art Stockholm, catalogue with text by Professor Teddy Brunius
1992 "New paintings and etchings", Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm
1993 "Paintings and graphics", Galerie Porte Bleu, Helsingborg
1994 "Lars Ramstedt - paintings and graphics", Galleri Ferm, Malmö
1994 "New paintings", Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm
1997 "New works - sculptures and gouaches", Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm
2005 ¨New paintings¨, Galerie Bel’Art, Stockholm, catalogue, preface by Prof. Teddy Brunius, see inauguration. 

Other projects:
1988 Porcelain for ¨Olles Krog¨, Kista, Stockholm
1988 Painting for Svenska Finans for their annual report cover
1991 Makes four handcoloured etchings with aquatint, "Cirkelkomposition 1-4",Atelje Ole Larsen Helsingborg, Edition Galerie Bel`Art, Stockholm
1994 Chosen by the American company, Arthur D Little, to decorate their x-mas card worldwide
1998 Interior wallpainting for a private residence in Stockholm