Professor Teddy Brunius (1922 - 2011)

Teddy Brunius was born on Lidingö, outside Stockholm in 1922. In 1952 he defended his dissertation at Uppsala University, on the dissertation "David Hume on criticism". The following year he became an associate professor of aesthetics in Uppsala. 1956-58 he was Professor of Philosophy at various American Universities, as Grinnell College, Iowa, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. He was Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York 1969–1973, in Buffalo and Albany, and in Art History in Copenhagen 1973-1992. In addition to David Hume, Teddy Brunius studied Alexis de Tocqueville as a sociological esthetician, G E Moore's analyzes of beauty and Aristotle's philosophy in "Inspiration and catharsis". "What was it all about?" The question was asked by Teddy Brunius in the autobiographical bibliography he published in 1992. The largest part consists of his richly published newspaper articles, mainly those that have been in Upsala Nya Tidning for more than half a century. He hoped that what he wrote could be used to give a picture of what happened in his time. The register overwhelms by its great breadth and is never boring. Whether it is about abstract art, about the devil's entry into Christian art, about marine painters in distress at sea, about chance and blunders in art or about Albrecht Dürer's melancholy. Teddy Brunius died in Uppsala, Sweden in 2011.
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