Bertil Öhlund

Born in Stockholm 1923. Died in Brussels, Belgium 2003.

Manifesto 1957:
The problem with which I fight in my paintings, is to make an analyzed synthesis of form and color. To maintain and hold the interest of the eye, I work with movement, tension and shape repetition through an optic process. In the question of color, I use different shades of colors and always a consequent color relationship . Because, the forms are situated in different places within the depth-dimension, a movement is created between surface and the depth. Next you see the tower inverted and in this way I achieve a multi-functional and multi-dimensional appearance. It is in this way that the three-dimensional refraction appears – somehow like the prism – that which I call Dioptric.
                                                                     Bertil Öhlund

Biography - CV
Education: Otte Skölds Målarskola, Stockholm 1949.
Andre Lhote, Paris 1949 and 1951
The Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm, 1950 - 55.
Travelled to Greece, France and Belgium.
1974, book in french by Marc Chesneau published.

One-man shows:
Kristianstads Museum 1952 
Berlins Museum 1954 
Galerie Creuze, Paris 1957 
APIAW, Liege 1958 
Örebro Läns Museum 1960 
Fifth International Hallmark Award, New York 1960 
Galerie Creuze, Paris 1961 
Galerie Prisma, Stockholm 1962 
Färg och Form, Stockholm 1963 
Galerie Bleue, Stockholm 1966 
Galerie A, Stockholm 1966 
Galerie A, Stockholm 1967 
De Unga, Stockholm 1973 
Grünewalds ateljé, Saltsjöbaden 1975 
Mälargalleriet, Stockholm 1978 
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 1981 
Gröna Paletten, Stockholm 1983 
Borlänge Konsthall 1984 
Galerie Doktor Glas, Stockholm 1985 
Färg och Form, Stockholm 1987 
Färg och Form, Stockholm 1990 
Galerie Bel’Art, Stockholm 2004
Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm, 2018

¨Unga tecknare¨, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm yearly, 1950-1954 
¨Berlinalen¨, Berlins Museum 1954 
¨H 55¨, Hälsingborg 1955 
Galerie Creuze, Paris (1957-1971) 
¨La Peinture Nordique Contemporaine¨, Paris 1958 
¨Annorlunda¨, Solna 1959 
¨Då och nu¨, Liljevalchs Stockholm 1959 
Hallmark Art Award’s, 36 museums in USA, 1960-61 
Galerie A, Stockholm 1966 
¨Solnasalongen¨, Solna 1973 
Lorensbergs konstsalong, Göteborg 1974 
¨Nackakonstnärer¨, Solna 1974 
¨Nackakonstnärer¨, Saltsjöbaden 1974 
¨Svensk konst¨, Moskva 1983 
¨Svensk konst¨, Volgda 1983 
Kalmar Museum 1983 
¨Svenskar i Österled¨, Waldemarsudde Stockholm 1983 
Västerås Konstmuseum 1984 
Norrbottens Museum, Luleå 1984
Waldemarsudde, Stockholm 2017-18:
André Lhote and Swedish Cubism

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Örebro Läns Museum 
Hallmark Art Museum, New York 
Tennessee Museum, USA 
Musée de Dinan, France 
Rasjö-samlingen, Vida Museum, Öland, Sweden

Public Works:
Rosenbad, Stockholm 
Högdalens sjukhus, Stockholm 
Sabbatsbergs sjukhus, Stockholm 
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Stockholm and Nacka

Otte Skölds price: 1949, 1950, 1951, 1953 
Borgsjö 1952 
Ferdinand Bobergs price at the Art Academy in Stockholm 1955 
Stockholms Kulturpris 1971 och 1977 
Nacka Kulturpris 1980

Chairman at KRO (Stockholm-department), 1977 - 79
Chairman at Swedish Artists Association, 1979 - 85