Sten Eklund

Kullahusets hemlighet  (The secrecy of Kullahuset)
52 hand-colored etchings. 1972

This is the story about the scientist J M G Paléen, who during a research-expedition in the year 1849, in Sweden, happened to come across a very strange community, surrounded by a magnetic field and filled by peculiar activities and apparatuses: luxuriant vegetation, mining, soloists, purification plants and communication agencies – but deserted by people. Paléen documented everything he saw, he made drawings of the objects, collected samples, complied tablets portraying temperatures and its variations, he made notes of the occurrence of vegetation and minerals, he  constructed  models of the most important objects and complied maps over the community he was confronted with. During the remainder of his life, Paléen analyzed his notes and attempted to convince the environment of that which he had witnessed.

The secrecy of Kullahuset is a fantasy production by Sten Eklund (1942 – 2009 ) and summarizes an important artistry in Swedish art. The series contains 52 small hand-colored etchings that were executed in the early 1970's.

translated by Anette Lindegaard