Lage Lindell

Born in Stockholm in 1920. Died in Stockholm in 1980.

Biography - cv

Lage Lindell was born on May 12th on Idungatan in Stockholm, Sweden.
Participates in a drawing competition in the Stockholm schools, during his upper secondary school years. 
He meets Per Olov Zennström.

Higher school certification from Norra Real.

He studies languages at Stockholm’s Univesity. 
Military service.

Participates with three drawings in the exhibition Unga tecknare at the National Museum in Stockholm. 

Attends the Art Academy in Stockholm.

Has his debut at the Art Salon Tysta Gatan, where he exhibits alongside Armand Rosander and Gunnar Svensson.

Participates in an ornamentation competition for A1’s facilities, arranged by Sven Erixson with the painting Rövarbandet.

Participates in Unga tecknare, with three drawings.

Participates with two paintings, in a student exhibition in the shelter at Hötorget, Stockholm.
Displays Dekorativ composition med tre arbetare, at The Art Academy student exhibition.

He is doing sculptues with Eric Grate.

He receives The Ester Lindahl’s scholarship of 5.000 Swedish Crowns for three years. He travels to Denmark partakes in the exhibition Unga tecknare with five drawings, of which the National Museum purchases one.
During March-April Lage Lindell participates with five paintings, in the exhibition Tnternationell ung konst, at Östgöta Nation in Uppsala.

Makes the cover for Clartés May 1st number.

He travels to Paris, Spain and North Africa.

Participates with five paintings, in the exhibition Ung Konst på Färg och Form in Stockholm.

He gets married to Kerstin Mellberg.
Lage Lindell is presented in OBS 28/1, Nutidskonst VI (Contemporary Art VI); one drawing from the studio is reproduced. He exhibits together with Lennart Rodhe and Egon Møller Nielsen at Galerie Blanche, in Stockholm. Participates in Lund in the exhibition 40-tal. He takes part in the large Swedish Art Exhibition in Oslo, Norway.

He makes the cover for Konst och Kultur. Together with Olle Bonniér, Pierre Olofsson and lennart Rodhe he makes suggestions for adornment of the subway, which gets turned down by the SS.
Partakes in the adornment of the World Sport Exhibition. He participates in exhibitions, in among others Gävle and Gothenburg as well as with Svensk Konst at Galerie Blanche. He partakes in an adornment competition for GCI, with the suggestion Spel. Drawings in Utsikt. 
Lage Lindell participates in a greeting from Swedish Artists, to the Conference for World Peace, in Paris.

He is painting at the island Ven.

The son Johan is born. He decides on the colour scheme for a house in Svedmyre.  He participates in the exhibition Ny Realitet by Riksförbundets för bildande konst, 

He participates with a linocut for the Artists Peace Committee’s portfolio of graphic works, 11 bilder för freden
(11 pictures for peache).
He is presented in the series, Den unga konsten i Stockholms-tidningen. He is writing an article on The Public and the Art, in Svenska Dagbladet on October 24th, which is part of the sequence Perspektiv på 40-talet. He is one of the initiators for a call for Peace preceding the Peace Conference, in Stockholm.

He is presented in the Art Series on Radiotjänst, Det unga måleriet.
He exhibits at Galerie Blanche in Stockholm.

He participates with five drawings in Unga tecknare.

He is working on a stone relief for the Appeal Court in Sundsvall.

He participates in Stuttgart, in the exhibition, Junge Swedische Kunst.

Partakes in the exhibition Arte Nordica Contempornea, in Rom and arranged by the Nordiska Konstförbundet. He participates, with three drawings at the Unga Tecknare. He also participates, with some gouaches in an exhibition at Sturegalleriet in Stockholm.
Lage and Kerstin Lindell acquire a summer-house in Herrvik on the island of Gotland. 

Lage Lindell executes together with Lennart Rodhe, Olle Bonniér, Karl Axel Pehrson and Pierre Olofsson the adornment of the dining hall at Astra in Södertälje. He participates together with the four above mentioned as well as Arne Jones in the exhibition 6, in Malmö. He exhibits together with the fellow Jacob Weidemann at Färg och Form in Stockholm

He participates in the “minnesutställningen” (remembrance exhibition) for The 1947 års män, at Färg och Form. 
During August-September Konstfrämjandet arranges an exhibition, Folket till Konsten at Liljevalchs. 
Lage makes the poster.

He works at Gellerstedts lithographic institution together with among others, Sven Olof Ehrén and Stig Claesson.

Takes part in an exhibition at Skövde Konsthall.

Lage Lindell works with enamel for the Town hall in Västerås.

He gets elected into the Art Academy. He heads an artist’s protest against the prosecution of the French intellectuals, which signed the De 121:s manifest. 

Participates at the exhibition, 8 enamel artists at Malmö Museum. He receives a scholarship of 3.000 Swedish Crowns. In April he participates in an exhibition about The 1947 års män, in the church hall in Spånga.

Receives the working scholarship of 10.000 Swedish Crowns from the Art Academy.

Participates in the very significant travel exhibition, 12 svenska målare (12 Swedish Painters), which visits proximally 20 museums, in the USA. Lage Lindell participates in November, in the exhibition Svensk Konst, at Galerie Blanche. He also is partaking in the exhibition Svart och Vitt (Black and White), arranged by Sveriges Allmäna Konstförening, at the Art Academy in Stockholm.

He makes the decoration and the costumes for Birgit Åkesson’s ballet Ikaros, at the Opera. 
He receives the cultural scholarship from Solna Town Councilmen.
He exhibits gouaches at Galleri Ateneum in Lund. He gets a seat in the advisory eight-man group of the Ministry of Education, as the art representative. He participates in the Nordic Art Associations exhibition in Helsinki. 

Takes part in the debate around the Moderna Museet and recommends a museum for the artists liaison at Sergels Torg. He exhibits at the Art Hall in Lund. He is part of the jury at the Vintersalongen, at Liljevalchs Art Hall.  He is part of the exhibition NU 64, at Norrköping Art Museum. He is part of the price committee for the magazine VI’s front cover competition. Participates in a Group Exhibition at the Art Hall in Skövde. He also exhibits at Färg och Form in Stockholm.

He executes a large mural at the Town Hall, in Solna.

Participates in the Solna Allmäna Konstförening exhibition, at Solnagalleriet. 
Konstnärsklubben (The Art Club) arranges an exhibition KAOS (konstnärnas allvar och skämt = The Artist serious and jest) in the Kungsträdgården on May 15-16. Participates as part of the jury for the Höstsalongen (Fall Exhibition) at Lunds Konsthall. 
Receives the large travel scholarship of 20.000 Swedish Crowns from Sveriges Allmäna Konstförening, which enables him to travel to Rom. 
He participates in the Biennale in Tokyo and travels to Japan.

Participates in an exhibition with Modern Swedish Art in among others, West Germany, Yugoslavia, Austria and Poland. He makes a poster for Amnesty International for the occasion of the evening event for political prisoners at the Stadsteatern, in Stockholm.
Separate exhibition at the Art Hall in Skövde. The monographic work by Stig Claesson, about Lage Lindell is released at Bonnier, nr.11, in the series Bonniers små konstböcker (Bonnier’s small art books).
Galleri Karlsson and Galleri Observatorium in Stockholm, releases a Sydafrikamapp (South Africa portfolio), where Lage Lindell participates with a lithographic work. 
He meets the printer, Ove Löf. 

Lage, Kerstin and Johan are living in Rom. He participates in the Arts Council exhibition with Swedish Art in England. He travels to England.

Participates in the Biennale in Sao Paulo, and travels to Brazil. In June the same exhibition is on show in the Art Hall of Gothenburg.  He makes his first serigraphic work with Ove Löf. 

Participates in the exhibition 1947 års män, at Skånska Art Museum, in Lund. He receives the artist lifelong salary from the Swedish Government.
Lage Lindell has, in October a separate exhibition at the Art Academy in Stockholm. Participates in the exhibition, Människa at Samlaren, in Stockholm. 

Creates an inflatable plastic doll for Multi 69

Creates adornment for Umeå University (Acrylic on concrete).

Riksutställningar does a travel exhibition with paintings, gouaches and drawings by Lage Lindell.

He has a group exhibition in Dakar in Senegal. Lage travels to Africa and became ill with a blood disease, from which he should pass away seven years later.

Ulf Linde arranges the exhibition 40-tal, at Konstnärsbolaget. 

He is receiving the Prins Eugen – Medal.

He exhibits together with Alvar Jansson at Gothenburg Art Hall.

Thomas Millroth releases a book about the 1947 års män: Rum utan filial, with the Cavefors publishers. 
Thomas Millroth and Ragnar von Holten produce the traveling exhibition, 1947 års män, for Riksutställningar.
He partakes in the exhibition Samtida svensk konst in Mexico. Separate exhibition at Waldemarsudde, in Stockholm. He exhibits at Västerbottens Läns Museum, in Umeå.
In March of 1977, a TV program about Lage Lindell, whish was recorded the previous summer in Herrvik, is aired under the title, Besök hos en Grafiker (prod. J. Stevens). 

Travels to Japan. 
He donates a painting to the Allende museum, in support of the resistance in Chile.

The Nordiska Konstförbundet arranges an exhibition in Helsinki and Oslo. 
He makes two election posters for the left party, the Communists: Stoppa Rustningsvansinnet och Bekämpa Utslagningen. 
Participates in the exhibition Emalj (Enamel), at Liljevalch. 
Beate Sydhoff does an interview with Lage Lindell in Konsten 79, the Konstfrämjandets, yearly publication.

Exhibits the later years production, together with a suite containing 47 gouaches, drawings and serigraphic works, Sjukhussviten. TV had the intension to film this.
On Marts 15th Lage Lindell passes away as the result of the blood disease. 
Thomas Millroth does the radio program: Den som kan ska tala. (He, who can – should speak).
Participates with paintings of landscape, in Ars Baltica, in Visby.

There are exhibition at the Art Academy in Stockholm, The Art Museum in Västerås and Skövde Art Hall.
SAK releases a monographic work of Lage Lindell, with text by Thomas Millroth. 
Nils-Petter Sundgren does a TV-Film about some of Lages Pictures.

After the demise of Lage Lindell, a number of larger exhibitions have been made, among others by The Art Hall in Lund, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Centre Culturel Suèdois, Paris, Galleri Astley in Uttersberg,Örebro Art Hall, Växjö Art Hall, Åmells Konsthandel in Stockholm, The Art Academy in Stockholm and Galerie Bel’Art in Stockholm, 2012.

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Translated by Anette Lindegaard